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A little about me

Hi then I am Chani (22) married plus a child, Manages the brand Chani Yanai.

It all started 4 years ago when I was still living in Zefat, I always loved hair and I was inspired from all over the world. I was very attached to the wig section and especially to the colored wigs. And I felt it was just missing!

And I decided to take it into my own hands. I started with this after the wedding and progressed slowly.

How I got to where I am is a long story that I will tell you about.

At my site you can find synthetic wigs at the highest level, natural hair wigs and luxury natural hair wigs! In addition, hair / wig accessories such as serum and top conditioner shampoo! Hysterical collection of makeup products. The very fact that you are here excites me, every purchase of yours makes me butterflies!

So hope you enjoy the site and the shopping experience.

Loves you and appreciates


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